Everything You Need to know About a Lomi Lomi Massage

It is a traditional Hawaiian massage based on fusion of massaging techniques. It is also known as ‘Loving hands’ massage. Lomi Lomi massage is based upon the concept that a person’s memories are stored not just in brain and mind. Infact the memories get stored in every cell of the body. The therapist acts as an instrument for healing or facilitated the healing process. He acts through continuous and flowing strokes and then works deeper into the muscles of the client. The client mostly feels as if being in Hawaii Island.

The ingredients used during massaging are nut oils, Macademia, palm and coconut oils etc. The oils act as moisturizers and ensure that the strokes are provided smoothly and the skin gets lubricated and nourished in the massaging process.

The therapist uses his fingers in a very artistic manner to provide broad and flowing strokes. Apart from fingers, the therapist also uses one palms, thumbs, arms and elbows upon the client’s body. During a still moment, the masseur recites a prayer or blessing asking God to initiate the healing process. The therapist will then apply fluid and rhythmic strokes for releasing tensions. The therapist will lightly stretch the limbs of the recipient and rotate the joints. With these techniques, the brain does not focus and starts to relax. The energy flows out freely out of the recipient’s body.

Lomi Lomi massage is used for bringing down stress levels, enhance the flow of body fluids like blood and lymph, detoxify, rejuvenate the body and make a person feel healthy and peaceful.

Lomi Lomi is a popular massaging technique for treating kids with upset stomachs. During a Lomi Lomi massaging session, the client lies down on the vinyl of a massage table or mat or on floor.

Apart from massaging there can be extra elements such as breathing and dance for restoring energy in the recipient’s body. The therapist might also use a humming tune while massaging. Humming helps to create amplified and vibrating energy to release the blockages in the body. The therapist may also use dance techniques and hula movements. It is good to have a nice after shower after the session of lomi lomi massaging.

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