The Origin of Stone Massage - Spa Experience

It is a form of massaging where heated basalt stones with smooth surfaces are placed over the back of the recipient. It has a spiritual element. Stones are placed along the meridians of the body. Energy flow known as ‘chi’ is generated. Because of energy flow, stress levels are mitigated. Hot stone therapy helps in purification or detoxification of the body. Hence the undesired impurities get filtered out in the course of the therapy.

It is based on the scientific principle of thermal action on the body for restoring the functioning of the muscular system. Basalt stones are smooth due to contact with river current. The heated stones are placed at specific points of the back of the recipient. Due to localized action, the heat slowly transfers to the targeted areas, without causing any pain or discomfort. Muscle relaxation is gradually achieved in the process.

The massaging therapist uses techniques like long strokes, circular motions, tapping and kneading to activate the desired response. This therapy is used for the treatment of muscular spasms and chronic body pains.

The heated basalt stones act by expanding blood vessels in the body. Thus Hot stone therapy results in enhanced blood circulation. It also has a tranquil effect on the mind and promotes deep relaxation. The stones used must preferably be porous and have high heat retention ability. Hot stone therapy makes a person resilient to autoimmune diseases.

Hot stone therapy improves sleep patterns, makes a person more resilient to autoimmune diseases, reduces anxiety and restores natural skin softness.

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