Relaxing Four Hands Massage

It is one of the most expensive massaging techniques. It is recommended for travel freaks or those who gets tired during a hectic holiday trip. Four Hands massage leaves you feeling more comfortable and energetic for travel purpose or even for your routine office day. In this therapeutic technique, two masseurs act together on one client. So it can be compared to 2 massaging therapies. The masseurs act like a team and work through synchronised movements. The moves are slow and co-ordinated. The pressures may vary for differential impacts.

When 2 masseurs apply their massaging strokes, the mind initially traces the movements. Gradually the client gives off one’s control.

Initially, one therapist acts as the leader, while the other acts as follower. The client might feel as if he or she is simultaneous training from 2 people together.

Before the massaging session, client must indeed hydrate himself. Four hands massage therapy aids in muscle restoration and the restoring water level present in the body. So a hydrated body gets treated with more immediate effect. During the therapy a person will feel sleepy or lightheaded. The massaging action improves body stamina and enhances energy levels.

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