The masseur applies strokes in order to apply deeper pressure to act upon deeper muscles and connective issue. A session of deep tissue massaging helps in rehydrating the skin. As the inner muscle levels get relaxed, the stress levels are much reduced. The mood of the recipient gets uplifted.

In this type of massage therapy, the masseur applies firm pressure through slow strokes so that the therapeutic effect reaches the deeper layers of muscle and fascia which is the connective tissue surrounding muscles. Deep tissue massaging therapy is used for the treatment of persistent or chronic aches in the body. It also treats localised abnormalities like the stiffness or rigidity in neck and upper back, pain in the lower part of the back, leg muscle tightness or lack of mobility, soreness in shoulders, strain injury, wrong posture etc. Patients of osteoarthritis and Sciatica can get effectively cured through deep tissue massage. Before having a deep tissue massage, the person must be careful enough. Deep tissue massage therapy may be detrimental to a client who recently had chemotherapy.



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