Candle massage is an American massaging technique wherein a thread of hot and molten candle wax is gradually poured over the back of the person being massaged. The masseur prepares an emulsion of wax with essential and aromatic oils. Candle massaging works by stimulating the sensory system. Candle massaging provides deep relaxation to the body. It mitigates ailments and disorders like stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia( sleeplessness), sleep apnea etc. It promotes general wellness of the body.

The room is softly lighted with candle flame. The aroma of the candle itself is so soothing that it instantly comforts the senses. The wax oil mixture is applied by the masseur with soft and caressing touches, light pressure, kneading and smooth rubbing action. The oils provide deep nourishment to the skin. In addition, skin elasticity is also enhanced. Candle massaging are mostly recommended for all skin types. Nowadays, Candle massaging is increasingly becoming popular and become an important part of modern spa centres and massaging parlours.

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