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Jasmine Best Body Massage Parlour in Kolkata

So are you looking for a great body massage in Kolkata? You have come to the right place. We are one of the top body massage parlour in Kolkata. Body massage should be done by someone with skill and knowledge of how to give you relaxtion. So when you are looking for body massage in Kolkata you should choose the best massage center in Kolkata where your time and money investment will do great benefit for your body and mind. Body massage not only relaxes our body but also our mind. It releases all the stress from our body. We can claim that we are the best Body massage parlour in Kolkata because we understand the need of your. We know that when after weeks or months of hardwork You come for a massage you want the best body massage for your body. That is our main motif. We only want to satisfy the needs you have. This dedication level makes our customers to come back to us again and again. And this makes us the best body massage parlour in Kolkata.


One of my favorite parts of going to the spa is trying out treatments that incorporate effective results & more often than not, organic or all-natural products.


The Skin & Body Spa provides a beautiful, relaxing retreat where you can come … Our skin care professionals understand how to best care for skin.


Reasonable price is the price point for a good SPA & Body Massage service that is fair to both parties involved in the transaction.

Our Special Massage Theraphy

Massage is an excellent therapeutic activity that you should indulge in. Discover The Best Massage Therapy For You at our Body Massage Parlour in Kolkata and Spa center in Kolkata.We have a team of professional, dedicated and skilled people who understand your needs and ready to give you an experience worth remembering. We have trained professional who are expert at their work and professional. They knows how to relax you body. We provide all kind of massage therapy. Our body massage expert will relax your body instantly and throughout your massage you will understand that your body is getting fully relaxed . We are the best body massage parlour in Kolkata because of our expert team members. We believe in your satisfaction. We understand when you come for a massage you want a great experience. After a long week of hardwork, stressful time You want the body massage to make your body fully relaxed. We claim as the best massage in center in Kolkata because we give body massage like none else. The experience that you will have here is not worth comparing.


The knowledge of plants and herbs and how their properties could complement each other and could be used most effectively for best health benefits forms the foundation of Ayurveda. It ensures holistic health.


Candle massage is an American massaging technique wherein a thread of hot and molten candle wax is gradually poured over the back of the person being massaged. Masseur prepares an emulsion of wax with essential aromatic oils.


The masseur applies strokes in order to apply deeper pressure to act upon deeper muscles & connective issue. A session of deep tissue massaging helps in rehydrating the skin. Inner muscle levels get relaxed.


It is one of the most expensive massaging techniques. It is recommended for travel freaks or those who gets tired during a hectic holiday trip.


It is a form of massaging where heated basalt stones with smooth surfaces are placed over the back of the recipient. It has a spiritual element.


It is a traditional Hawaiian massage based on fusion of massaging techniques. It is also known as ‘Loving hands’ massage.


During the royal Thai massaging therapy the masseur focuses on pressure points and stretching methods. The aim is to unblock the energy flow and restore body balance.


Sports massaging provides relief after a session of intense practice or workout. It is given by experienced masseurs.

Why come to KOLKATA SPA CENTER in Kolkata?

Our KOLKATA SPA CENTER in Kolkata blends excellence, well being, peace of mind and many more. We provide the best Offers for body massage and spa services in Kolkata, Get 20-50% OFF on the finest range of Body Massage and spa treatments near you by trained professional masseurs. We provide all kinds of body massage and spa services at our body massage parlour and spa centre in Kolkata.

We are the leading Female to Male, Body to Body and full body massage parlour and spa center in Kolkata. We provide the best massage service up to 100% satisfaction to our all clients. We deal with cosmetic treatments and heavenly massage services for men. The ambience offers a surreal setting that makes the therapies more memorable and rejuvenating, we are known as one of the most luxurious spa in Kolkata.

Meet Our Experts

We offer multiple services of body massage and spa rituals that you can choose from starting with Body Sap services to Night time services. Although the spa industry is a huge blooming industry it lack proper administrative skills to attract posh clients and feed their needs.


Age: 20 Years
Specialist: Ayurveda Massage
Contact: +91-9073120161

Anthia Disuza

Age: 20 Years
Specialist: Lomi Lomi Massage
Contact: +91-9073120161

Sonia Sharma

Age: 20 Years
Specialist: Four Hand Massage
Contact: +91-8017770194


Age: 22 Years
Specialist: Sports Massage
Contact: +91-9073120161


Malee Mae

Age: 20 Years
Specialist: Royal Thai Massage
Contact: +91-8017770194

Pamela Mitra

Age: 22 Years
Specialist: Candle Massage
Contact: +91-9073120161

Elizabeth Ryan

Age: 19 Years
Specialist: Hot Stone Massage
Contact: +91-8017770194

Tina Sharma

Age: 20 Years
Specialist: Deep Tissue Massage
Contact: +91-8017770194

Welcome to Kolkata Spa Centre

Massaging is one of the best techniques of achieving holistic health. It is an alternative therapy, where the client gets effective cure without heavy medication or surgery. Massaging recognizes the power of natural oils to heal ailments like muscular pains and emotional stress. A short massaging session in Kolkata Spa Centre ensures improved health and instant relief.

Since prehistoric times, people have identified the remedial power of natural oils and emulsions. Apart from oils, the effectiveness of a massaging therapy depends on the dexterity of masseur to provide palm or finger movements with correct pressure to stimulate the process of cure. Once you come to Kolkata Spa Center, you will feel the difference, massaging or spa session does to the body. A masseur or spa therapist is a caring person who talks to the client to know the cause of his health issue. Different types of massaging therapy are used for bringing therapeutic relief from specific disorders. New researches in Alternative therapy are adding more variations to the list. Depending on your health, you can have a session of Aromatherapy massaging, Hydrotherapy massaging, Hot stone therapy, Shiatsu massaging, Deep tissue massaging, Chocolate massaging etc.

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Our Body massage and spa services are best in kolkata, So come and enjoy our services and get fully relaxed and enjoy. .

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